Friday, 1 June 2012

糯米鸡 Steam Glutinuos Rice ( Lo Mai Kai)

糯米鸡是我老公和儿子的必点之点心之一,在点心茶楼现在已卖到RM 4.80 一个,当然在普通的点心店也可买到RM 2.80 一个。。。但我还是觉的自己做比较划算吧 。。。

This is my husband and my son's favourite savoury dim sum and they will always ordered this when we dined at the dim sum restaurant, it cost about RM 4.80 and much smaller and of course you can still get cheaper about RM 2.80 at the normal dim sum stall. Anyway, I think learning to make this at my own is much cheaper and cleaner.


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Zoe said...

Lo Mai Kai is always my local favourite. Please share with us if you are making your own Lo Mai Kai. Cheers :D